Payroll Management for MacIntosh & Windows

From T4s and Relevé 1's to vacation calculations CheckMark Payroll keeps you on track, in compliance and stress free no matter what type of business you run. Use it as a standalone program, or post results to your accounting software.
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Very User-Friendly
  • Start or update at any time of the year
  • Run on Mac or Windows or both
  • Speed employee setup using the Employee Template
  • Enter hours in one spreadsheet-style window
  • Retain hours for future payrolls
  • Import hours from a spreadsheet or timeclock software
  • Easily modify cheque numbers or void cheques
  • Handle after-the-fact payrolls
  • Run unlimited employees and umlimited companies
  • Move between Mac and Windows
  • Run native in Mac OS X

Handles Taxes for You
  • Annual Updates include the latest Canadian federal and provincial tax values for the entire calendar year
  • Each employee can have four different hourly rates, plus overtime and double-time
  • Accrues sick and vaction time on a yearly, monthly, pay period or per-hour-worked basis
  • Calculates employer matching amounts for deductions
  • Distributes employee hours or wages by department or MultiLedger Job
Replaces Previous Versions
The new Version will accept company data files from all previous CheckMark Canadian versions, Mac or Windows.
Includes Latest Tax Values
CheckMark Payroll comes loaded with the current year's federal and provincial tax values. Midyear tax rate changes are available for download when necessary.
Customized Incomes
You can have up to 20 types of income. Select from pre-defined incomes and customize your own to fit every need. CheckMark will calculate variable, fixed and fixed percent incomes.
Customized Deductions
You can have up to 30 variable, fixed and fixed percent deductions to fit your needs. It's easy to set limits, employer matches, and pre-tax deductions.
Runs a Cheque Anytime
When you need to run cheques for one or two employees, CheckMark makes it easy and fast. Also, you can create a corrected cheque, replacement cheque, advances and more.
Integrates with Accounting!
CheckMark Payroll will automatically post your payroll figures into CheckMark's MultiLedger Accounting, MYOB and several other accounting packages.
System Requirements
  • PC 15 MB Disk Space; Windows 2000 or higher
  • Mac 15 MB Disk Space; Power PC running OS 9.0 or higher. Runs natively on OS X